Guidelines for students

Unwanted conduct

What can you do about it?
EUR believes it is important that students and staff can operate in a pleasant and productive working atmosphere. However, it can happen that within EUR, not everyone feels treated with equal respect. Sometimes this can arise from sexual harassment and other times from bullying, discrimination or aggressive behaviour.

Harassment and Sexual harassment
Both harassment and sexual harassment are “unsolicited and unwanted attention, in any form”. This is a subjective definition. What can be bearable to one person, can be unpleasant or even intolerable to someone else. Examples of harassment and sexual harassment are offensive or suggestive jokes and remarks, touching, offensive or sexually suggestive emails, as well as physical assault and rape.

Aggression, violence, bullying and discrimination
Aggression, violence, bullying and discrimination can be both physical and psychological. Examples are jokes made at another’s expense, tormenting behaviour, gossip, as well as threats, intimidation, pressure, kicking and hitting.

EUR wants to provide all students and staff with a safe and pleasant workplace. A policy to prevent and combat sexual harassment, aggression, violence, bullying and discrimination is therefore essential. Below you will find a summary of what you yourself can do in such situations and how you can use the complaints procedures.

What can you actually do?

A formal complaint
You can also submit a complaint to the Complaints Commission. However, it is wise to talk things over with your counsellor first, so that you can decide together whether this is the most effective course of action.

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