What can the confidential counsellor do for me?

Unwanted behaviour
Students can turn to the confidential counsellor when they are confronted by behaviour or circumstances they experience as unwanted. The confidential counsellor discusses what needs to be done and, if necessary, refers the student to a third party. In most cases, a solution is achieved by means of mediation. The confidential counsellor does not undertake any steps without the student’s explicit approval. All consultations are confidential.

Complaints procedure
The university has a complaints procedure for sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour and violence. In consultation with the confidential counsellor, a complaint can be lodged with the Executive Board when, for example, mediation fails to resolve the conflict. The complaint is handled by the complaints committee or the administrator. Administrators can be:

  • faculty deans,
  • the secretary of the university,
  • the university librarian.

The Executive Board bases its decision on the severity of the complaint, the advice of the confidential counsellor and the wishes of the complainant.

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