Practical matters

Applying for a programme at the EUR? Don't forget to arrange all the practical matters as well!

Lets see what you need to do before and upon arrival. 

To do before arrival To do upon arrival

City Hall registration

Collect the required documents in your home country, for registration in the Netherlands. 

City Hall registration

Register at the City Hall - on campus during the One Stop Shop.


Check your insurance while you're still at home. Especially travelling to NL needs to be covered before coming here.


Arrived safely? Go to the One Stop Shop to check and arrange proper insurance for your entire stay.

Open a Dutch bank account

Collect the required documents in your home country, to open a Dutch bank account in the Netherlands.

Open a Dutch bank account

Open a bank account at a bank office or on campus during the One Stop Shop


Dutch telephone number

Come to the One Stop Shop or the ESN-Rotterdam office for advice on getting a Dutch phone number.

(For International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) students: a different procedure is in place to arrange all of the above in The Hague. The importance of the practicalities above are the same for all students.)

Photo: Woudestein Campus with a view of the pond.