What do our students say?

Curious what EUR students really think of studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and living in Rotterdam?

Meet our students by choosing one of the subjects you would like to read more about. 

In their words - Finances

Inge Wessels
"I applied for multiple grants as I found it hard to scrape the money together to finance my exchange."

Lourents van der Steenstraten
"For me, the scholarship definitely provided some financial flexibility. It took away some of the financial worries, so I could enjoy Singapore to the fullest!"

Dominique Nolen
"Winning the Holland Scholarship was actually a big surprise for me and I was really happy to receive it, as Hong Kong was more expensive than expected."

Maartje van Gog
"I had the financial means to go on exchange myself, but because of the scholarship I was able to travel more and really enjoy my experience abroad." 

In their words - Jobs

Anastasia Geraskina
“I am not a language teacher. I am a 'culture-sharer'."

Francesca C. Pimpinella
“Working in a different country teaches you valuable lessons about the country itself, including its culture and its people.”

In their words - Counsellors

Jenny Dijkstra
"International students come to see me with (financial) issues during their study year. Sometimes these are issues that are difficult to solve, and they maybe could’ve been avoided with a better preparation by the student."