Studying and internships abroad

Going abroad can be a valuable experience both academically and in general. Before deciding you want to go abroad, you should ask yourself two essential questions: Why do I want to go abroad and what do I hope to achieve from going abroad? The next step is deciding what form of experience you would like to have abroad: educational or work-related?

This website will hopefully help you decide on what you would like to do. In addition, we hope that it will offer some guidance with the preparations. Keep in mind that you need to start arranging things at least one year in advance!

Step 1 - Gathering information

Step 2 - Choose programme abroad

Step 3 - Practical matters

Erasmus+ Programme

We would like to highlight one scholarship programme, the Erasmus+ programme, as many students take part in it. This is the new European programme for education, youth and sport (see Charter & Policy Statement). The programme will be from 2014 until 2020. Within the programme you can go on study exchange to a partner university or do an internship.

Information about the Erasmus+ Programme:
General information about Erasmus+
• Erasmus+ study exchange abroad
• Erasmus+ internship abroad 

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