Student Panel The GathEURing

The GathEURing is a broad and diverse network of committed, enthusiastic students from all faculties of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The purpose of The GathEURing is to provide students and support staff with a platform to meet, to network and to exchange ideas on how to improve the student services offered by the university.

Organization of The GathEURing
The GathEURing consists of 50 to 100 students, in different study phases, from different disciplines and with different areas of interest. The student panel uses an online meeting point. The setup of the network and the use of an online meeting point allow for a quick and efficient planning of panel meetings, brainstorms and online surveys. All activities are announced online. Members of the student panel can decide which meetings to sign up for and which surveys to fill out, based on their availability and personal interests.

Apply for The GathEURing!
Are you keen to share your thoughts and ideas and join in on discussions on how to improve student services at the EUR? Apply to become a student member of student panel The GathEURing!

The GathEURing is looking for students who:

  • Want to be actively involved with the EUR,
  • Have a proactive attitude and a clear opinion they are not afraid to express,
  • Are fluent in English and/or Dutch
    (most if not all meetings will be conducted in English),
  • Will be studying at the EUR for at least one more year.

By joining The GathEURing, student members receive:

  • Free access to certain workshops and courses,
  • Free meals or snacks and drinks during meetings,
  • An opportunity to bring issues and ideas to the fore,
  • An ideal meeting place to get to know students from all faculties and EUR support staff,
  • A nice addition to their resume.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to with your resume.

Topics covered by The GathEURing include:

  • The campus
  • Student services
  • Diversity
  • Innovation
  • ICT services
  • Information services
  • Studying abroad
  • Internationals@EUR
  • Minors@EUR
  • Studium Generale
  • Studying with a functional impairment
  • Other, …