Request Proof of Tuition Fee Payment

There are two reasons for which students can require a Proof of Tuition Fee Payment:

1. Enrol at another institution in addition to EUR

If you pay tuition fees to Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and wish to start a parallel programme at another institution you require a proof of payment tuition fees (in Dutch: 'Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld') of EUR. You can apply for this statement on this page by using the form below, and use the Statement to register at another institution freely. Keep in mind that EUR only hands out these statements to enrolled students.


2. Enrol at EUR in addition to another institution

If you pay tuition fees to another institution and wish to start a parallel programme at EUR you require a proof of payment tuition fees (in Dutch: 'Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld') of the other institution. After you've obtained this statement you can hand it in at the ESSC to freely register at EUR. To obtain this statement, Google the name of the other institution and the term 'Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld', or get into contact with the other institution directly.

Please note: using the below-stated form you can only apply for a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees at EUR. If you require an additional proof of enrolment, check out this page.

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Proof of registration and tuition fee payment

Your statement will be sent to your correspondence address within 7 working days