Corporate Planning & Control

The tasks of the support department Corporate Planning & Control consist of the following components:

  • Monitoring the university’s revenue over the long-term and advising with regard to the resulting internal resource allocation.
  • A leading role in the organisation and functioning of the planning & control function.
  • Financial expert second opinions on policy documents that affect operational management and/or finances, as well as with regard to use of reserves and the Strategic Scope.
  • Extending ‘feelers’ as it were, internally and externally, thus maintaining contacts with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the VSNU, colleague universities and the controllers of the organisational divisions. In doing so this support department is able to follow developments relevant for EUR, acquire knowledge on best practices and share this knowledge.


Name and surname
Roomnr. E-mail adress

drs. C.M. (Celia) Taia Boneco RA 81692 A1-14
drs. N.I.L. (Nicole) Clarijs-Valentyns 81708 A1-10
drs. S. (Simona) Thalen 81741 A1-10
drs. J.W. (Jan Willem) Wisselink 81728 A1-06

P.A. (Patrick) van Wijnen
W.P.A. (Wouter) Platenburg