Education, Research and Student Affairs

The Shared Service Centre for Education, Research and Student Affairs concentrates on service provision and support in the areas of education, research and students. This involves (degree) students, faculty employees, and the Executive Board of the EUR and the Erasmus MC. The tasks involve support services, administrative duties and development activities. Important areas of activity include:

  • Admission to programmes and doctoral degrees for students with a foreign education.
  • Registration of all degree students and an important part of those following courses.
  • Organisation of written examinations, the colloquium doctum (special entrance examinations) and graduation.
  • Registration of study results and booking of examinations.
  • Production of diplomas, transcripts and diploma supplements.
  • Guidance and support to students in matters not directly related to the substance of the education (student counsellors, university psychologists, career advisers and the activities of the Language and Training Centre).
  • Support to students with regard to visas, residence permits and (scholarship) opportunities for study and internships abroad.
  • Activities in the area of Culture and Science, including the organisation of cultural courses, cultural events, lectures, debates, symposia and workshops.
  • Providing students with information about the SSC’s services via the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC), which functions as the front office.
  • Providing support for accreditations, applications for personal subsidies, applications for new study programmes, binding study advice, knowledge valorisation.
  • Advising and supporting the Executive Board.
  • Maintaining web information for students.
  • Carrying out information management and the functional management of the information systems that are a part of the SSC.

Organisational chart