Prof. Bruins Prize

In 2014, the sixth Prof. Bruins Prize will be presented to a research master’s student who has achieved an excellent academic record and demonstrated outstanding research qualities. The prize is to be presented during the opening of the academic year and is made available by the Erasmus University Rotterdam Trust Funds Association.

Target group

The target group includes any student registered as following a research master’s programme at the EUR in 2012-2013, or students who have completed such a programme.


The prize consists of a monetary prize of € 4,500 for the benefit of a period of study abroad. The money should be spent in a way which is consistent with the degree programme being followed by the winner.


An internal procedure to select the best research master’s student will be set up in each faculty. Subsequently, a central jury will choose the best candidate from the faculty nominations. The assessment is based on the student’s academic achievements and research qualities.


The nomination will be submitted by the dean and should consist of:

• A covering letter from the dean, explaining the faculty-based selection procedure
• A motivation letter (personal statement) from the candidate stating why the candidate believes
  he/she is eligible for the prize. The letter should also explain how he/she would spend the money
  should he/she win the prize
• A list of marks covering the student’s total period of higher education
• The candidate’s Curriculum Vitae
• An abstract of the bachelor’s dissertation and, if applicable, an abstract of the master’s  

Central jury

The jury for the Research Prize will assess the nominations. This jury consists of the Rector Magnificus (chairman) and two professors. The jury is advised by the chairman of the Trust Fund and Jan Paul Bruins (representative of the Bruins family) and is supported by an administrative secretary.

Submitting nominations

Nominations should be addressed to the Executive Board and submitted to the administrative secretary. Per candidate please send one document in pdf. The deadline for submission is Monday 26 May 2014.

Nominations schould be submitted digitally:


If you have any questions, please contact

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