Teaching and Research prizes 2014

Winners of the teaching and research prizes 2013. From left to right: dr. A.A.C.W. Smeets (teaching prize), E. de Mul MA (Prof. Lambers Prize), dr. L. Tummers (research prize), L. Ziegler MPhil (Prof. Bruins prize).

For the twenty-sixth time, the 2014 teaching and research prizes will be presented to people who have performed exceptionally well in the field of teaching or research within our university. We would now like to invite you to nominate candidates who, in your opinion, should be considered eligible to receive either the Teaching or the Research prize.

To safeguard the exclusivity of these prizes, the number of prizes for each category is restricted to one. The prizes for both teaching and research, each having a monetary value of € 7,000, have been made available by the Trust Fund Association (Vereniging Trustfonds). The prize winner is free to decide how he or she wishes to spend the money. No changes have been made to the system since the prizes were last awarded.

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Teaching prize

The Teaching prize is awarded to a member (not a committee or a group) of the academic staff who has, through teaching or other teaching-related activities, made a positive contribution to education at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Candidates for the Teaching prize are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:
• the image the candidate presents to the outside world;
• the degree to which the candidate’s innovative ideas are applicable and useful for other study
• the degree to which the candidate communicates his/her field of study to the students in an
  innovative way;
• the areas in which the candidate excels;
• the candidate will preferably have obtained a doctorate.

Research prize

The research prize is awarded to a promising researcher with a doctorate who has performed exceptional research and is just embarking on a research career (having obtained a doctorate within the last three years).


The nominations should provide substantive reasons for a candidate’s name being put forward (whereby account should be taken of the aforementioned criteria), as well as the candidate’s curriculum vitae.

In order to encourage students to participate in the nomination procedure for the Teaching prize, student and faculty associations, as well as degree programme committees, will explicitly be asked to nominate candidates. Hereby, we would draw your attention to the enclosed rules governing the Teaching and Research prizes.
In respect of the Research prize, the permanent committee for scientific practice, and the research schools and institutes will be invited to nominate candidates.

Assessment procedure

Two juries of experts will advise the Executive Board about the award of the prizes.
The jury for the Teaching prize consists of five members: the Rector Magnificus  (chairman), two professors and two students. This jury is advised by an education specialist and the chairman of the Trust Fund and supported by an administrative secretary.
The jury of the Research prize consists of three members: the Rector Magnificus  (chairman) and two professors. This jury is similarly advised by the chairman of the Trust Fund and supported by an administrative secretary.

Nominations should be addressed to the Executive Board and submitted to the administrative secretary. Per candidate please send one document in pdf. The deadline for submission of a nomination is Monday 26 May 2014.

Nominations schould be submitted digitally for the teaching prize: http://www.eur.nl/ssc_oos/teaching_prize/ and for the research prize: http://www.eur.nl/ssc_oos/research_prize/.

If you have any questions, please contact subenco@remove-this.oos.eur.nl.

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