Prof. H.W. Lambers prize

In 2014, the sixth Prof. H.W. Lambers1 prize will be presented to an excellent student with two masters’ degrees. The prize is to be presented during the opening of the academic year. 

Target group

The target group includes any students who have already successfully completed two masters’ degrees (or doctoral).

• The masters’ degrees must be from different disciplines.
• The most recently completed master’s degree should have been attained from the EUR.
• One of the two master’s degrees should have been assessed as excellent (cum laude).
• The masters’ degrees should have been completed between 1 January 2007 and the deadline for
  the submission of nominations. By the deadline, the studies should have been completed or, if
  applicable, the date of the degree programme’s graduation (graduations) should already be
  planned by the examining board (letter from the examining board should be enclosed with the 


Each year one prize will be awarded consisting of a medal and a monetary sum of € 3,500. This sum is intended exclusively for courses /workshops/attending congresses/study programmes, both national and international.


Selection is on the basis of the student’s CV, marks, abstracts of dissertations and his/her personal statement.

Students may nominate themselves or be nominated by members of the academic staff. The nomination should consist of:

• The candidate’s Curriculum vitae
• A recent list of marks from both master degrees (or doctoral)
• An abstract of both master degree dissertations (or doctoral dissertation)
• A written personal statement (maximum of 1000 words) from the student covering at least the
  following points:
     - why the study programmes concerned have been opted for
     - the extent to which the programmes complement one another
     - what the student’s future plans are
     - on what the student will spend the monetary sum and why
• The names of two referees, preferably both dissertation supervisors (who can be consulted)
• Optional: a letter from the examining board stating that graduation (graduations) is (are) to be
  held on (the date)

The jury for the Teaching prize will assess the nominations. This jury consists of the Rector Magnificus (Chairman), two professors and two students. The jury is advised by an education specialist and the chairman of the Trust Fund and supported by an administrative secretary.

Nominations should be addressed to the Executive Board and submitted to the administrative secretary. Per candidate please send one document in pdf. The deadline for the submission of a nomination is Monday 26 May 2014.

Nominations should be sumbitted digitally. 

If you have any questions, please contact

1 For four periods, in 1950, in 1958, in 1960 and in 1970, prof. H.W. Lambers was Rector Magnificus of the Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool (the Netherlands School of Economics). He was extremely involved in the realisation of the EUR in 1973, when the Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool and the Rotterdam Medical Faculty merged. In 1981, professor Lambers retired as professor of economics at EUR to emeritus status.