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The EUR is committed to pursuing an efficient and professional purchasing policy. A special purchasing website was recently created to assist all of the university's organisational units.

The website provides useful information about the EUR's purchasing strategy, which has been in force since September 2010 for EVERY unit in the EUR (including all of the companies run by Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), the EUR Holding and EUR investments) and the future Erasmus University College.

The aim of the purchasing website is to familiarise employees of the EUR with the purchasing process and increase their professionalism. The site also includes practical tools, including a copy of the university's purchasing conditions, models of requests for offers and orders. Employees can use these models for orders below the EU thresholds for tendering. For orders in excess of € 193,000, the Erasmus Facility Centre's Purchasing Advice Office must always be consulted first in order to check whether they fall under the EU tendering directive.

The website also contains a list of framework contacts concluded by the EUR. The list includes the contact details of the responsible managers, who can be consulted for further information. It is not only worthwhile making purchases under the framework contracts because of the attractive terms, the rules make it mandatory. All of the information can be found at (in Dutch).

Further information
Purchasing Advice Office SSC EFB
T (010) 408 1120