Accounting, Auditing and Control

Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting, Auditing and Control

Think critically. Master the latest rules and become an expert in finance and economics.

Go international through courses that will get you to the top in, e.g., accounting, auditing, controlling or consultancy. Master the ins and outs of collecting, categorising, summarising, analysing and using financial data. Get the techniques and frameworks you need to evaluate how auditing and control are done.

Erasmus School of Economics has a strong international reputation. Rotterdam is a world hub for trade and business. Lay a solid foundation with core courses, and build on it by participating actively in intensive seminars. Present papers, dig into the literature, including case studies, and engage critically in discussions. Get on track for your professional qualification as an auditor or a controller, and take advantage of the growing demand for auditors and controllers in auditing firms, industrial giants and management consultancies.

Why study a Master in Accounting, Auditing and Control in Rotterdam?

  • inspiring professors with ample field experience;
  • a vibrant student community in an intellectually challenging environment;
  • located in the thrilling international business hub of Rotterdam;
  • a career path towards becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Controller.

Target audience 

The master programme Accounting, Auditing and Control is for students who aim for a career in auditing/controlling with primarily internationally oriented organisations. If you have fine analytical skills, an independent mentality, as well as excellent computational abilities and the desire to work in a financial and business environment, this is your master programme.

Choose your specialisation 

Please see below for information about the specialisations within this Master programme.

Master Specialisation



Accounting and Auditing
Full-time n/a
Accounting and Control
Full-time n/a
Accounting and Finance Full-time n/a