Major Governance and Development Policy

Master in Development Studies

Globalization, decentralization and new forms of public-private sector cooperation  have changed the ways in which people, organisations and territories are governed. They have also affected ways in which different actors are able to voice their interests and act upon them.

The Major addresses processes and problems of governance, policy and local economic development, and how these work out in the everyday realities of people, with a bias towards the poor and vulnerable. It combines a thorough theoretical understanding with a practical, policy-oriented approach, with attention for concrete governance and policy dimensions such as the role of actors in democracy and public-private-community partnerships, the need for capacity and adequate planning systems, and the detrimental effects of corruption.

Target audience

This Major offers essential insight for people involved in political analysis as well as in the development and management of policy within the public, private or civil society sector, and operating primarily at local, national or international level.