Master Health Care Management

The curriculum for the master in Health Care Management amounts to 60 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). All students take seven compulsory courses (5 ECTS each) and 2 or more elective courses (10 ECTS total). You also write a master thesis (15 ECTS) in the final stage of the master programme.

Master in Health Care Management*


Course 1

Course 2

Block 1

Patient-Centered Care Delivery

Advanced Research Methods

Block 2

Organisational Behaviour

Health Service Operations Management

Block 3

Quality & Safety



Master Thesis


Block 4

Financial Management

Block 5

Governance & Strategy

Block 6

Elective courses:

Health Service Innovation

Optimising Health Service Networks

Healthcare Procurement & Value Chain Management


* This is the programme of the year 2017 - 2018, so be aware that the curriculum can change. If you want to learn more about a specific course, please consult the Course Guide.

Study load

The full time programme of the master in Health Care Management takes 12 months of intensive study. The study load averages 40 hours per week. Course work runs from September to July. You may use the summer period to finish and defend your master thesis or to do a resit for courses you have not yet passed.

The part time programme of the master ’Zorgmanagement/Health Care Mangement’ takes 24 months of intensive study. The study load averages 20 hours per week. The programme is in English and Dutch. The work groups, assignments and exams are in Dutch. The courses are given on Friday during daytime.

Study abroad

Would you like to spend some time studying abroad during the programme? During the master in Health Care Management, you can go do this. We currently have an exchange programme with the University of Oslo. However, there may be other opportunities.

The master in Health Care Management provides for the option to take elective courses abroad.