Pre-master History of Society

For those who want to study History of Society, but do not meet all entry requirements, we run a pre-Master programme. The programme offers admission to the master History of Society. 

Historical knowledge  

During the pre-Master programme, you will enrol in selected courses of the Bachelor History. You will become acquainted with cultural, social and economic history and with the history of international relations. Additionally, the pre-Master teaches you to think in an academic way. This means that you will critically study historical and contemporary issues. You will also learn to write essays and papers and you will learn the practice of historical research.

Duration of the programme

The pre-master is a one-year programme (60EC), It is only possible to follow the programme full-time. You will follow courses together with bachelor students.  

Teaching methods

In the pre-Master you will take two courses in each eight-week block. Each course consists of a weekly lecture from two hours and a three-hour tutorial group session. In term 3, you will take a research seminar, in addition to your courses, where you will learn how to conduct a small-scale historical research project yourself. To successfully finish your pre-master you will write a bachelor thesis. Both the tutorials as the seminar will consist of small groups of students.  

Teaching language

In this international programme, all lectures are in English. The compulsory literature is also in English. Similarly, English is the language of communication during the seminars. You will also be required to write your papers and examinations in English.

Curious about the study programme? 

 Below you can view the study schedule of the pre-Master programme History of Society. If you want more information about a certain course, enter the course code in the Course Guide of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Economic History and International Relations

Since the start of their disciplines international relations are a topic of historians and social scientists. This course will delve deeper into the concept of international relations throughout the years and looks at it from the point of view of different disciplines. You will also focus on how economics play a major role in the development of international relations.

Course code: ­­CH2201IR/ CH2201EH – 7.5 EC 

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Social and Cultural History

Students are introduced to the disciplines of social and cultural history. They are acquainted with the history of both disciplines, they can critically assess works of social and cultural historiography and they can apply main theories and methods of both disciplines in academic papers.

Course code: CH2207- 7.5 EC 

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Historical Representation and Imagination

This course focuses on historical representations and images since the late 18thcentury, its contents, narrative and pictural structure, functions and political and social impact. 

Course code: CH2208 – 7.5 EC

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International Business and Nation-states

This course focuses on the constantly changing relations between multinationals and national governments from the late 19th Century until today.

Course code: CH2202 – 7.5 EC 

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Elective BA-2

You may choose an elective on BA-2 level. 

7.5 EC 

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Bachelor Thesis Class

In this course you will prepare yourself on how to write, and start writing, your bachelor thesis. 

7.5 EC 

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Rethinking History

This course further elaborates the theoretical issues related to historical scholarship. It does so by offering an introduction in both historiography (the history of history writing) and the philosophy of history (philosophical reflection on the nature and study of history).We will study the history of Western history writing by focusing on how, throughout time, historians have phrased answers to timely questions. 

Course code: CH2217 – 7.5 EC 

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Bachelor’s Thesis History

The bachelor’s thesis is an important assessment in the bachelor’s programme because it tests the student’s ability to rapport about their own small-scale historical research. The bachelor’s thesis follows on the bachelor thesis class of a specific focus area. 

Course code: CH3100 – 15 EC