Career opportunities

Master International Public Management and Policy

After completing this Master programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the increasingly international nature of public management and policy;
  • Understand international developments from a multidisciplinary perspective;
  • Analyse international ‘space’ by applying up to date theories and concepts;
  • Gain the tools to operate effectively in an international environment.

The Master programme is an academic (scientific) programme and is highly relevant for those who seek employment in the increasingly wide range of jobs that are associated with the internationalisation of public management and policy. This includes jobs at both the international and the national level, such as:

  • International organizations, 
  • The EU, 
  • Government ministries and agencies, 
  • Local authorities, 
  • International NGOs, 
  • Multinational companies, 
  • Consultancy firms, 
  • Think tanks, and 
  • Research institutes. 

The graduates may become policy officials, policy advisors, consultants, managers in international organisations, lobbyists or project leaders. 

What our graduates say

This article of the national newspaper NRC features the "future generation of top-bankers". They represent a think-tank "Bankers of the Future" who are busy reshaping the way of thinking about banking and, as a result, doing banking differently. Among these is our own Arjen Heida, a former IMPer, working for corporate communications at ING bank. 

Nazly Gulijeva, European Commission

“The Master programme in International Public Management and Policy helped me to develop theoretical and practical knowledge about public management and public policy which was irreversible 'to hit the ground running’ and start the career after studies. Indeed, it was a great opportunity to study in an inspiring yet demanding international environment.”     

Marijn Goosens, Stichting Verre Bergen

“The understanding of public-private partnerships IMP has provided me with, as well as the analytical skills the program has helped me develop, have allowed me to immediately kick-start my professional career and have been instrumental to its success.”           

Doreen Burke, IBEC Europe

"The IMP programme has been a great jump-start to my career in Brussels. Not only did I gain a solid understanding of international organisations but also how to work alongside and communicate effectively with colleagues from all over the world"