Media Studies

Master of Arts (MA) in Media Studies

Stay tuned to changes in the media. Track developments in the sector, explore its pervasive impact and clout, and launch a top-flight career in a professional field or research.

Erasmus University is a top-rated university with a strong international outlook in a modern, cosmopolitan city. Our master programmes in Media Studies focus on a vital and rewarding field of study, which will help you understand contemporary global society, the workings of the media and creative industries, and the role of media in various social domains, such as business, politics, and the arts. Your knowledge of new digital technologies, globalisation, culture and business provides an excellent basis to jump-start your professional career. 

Media, telecommunications, computer networks, and creative industries touch many aspects of our daily lives and reach every corner of the world. They have had an increasing impact on political and cultural life and on entire economies all across the globe.

The shift in our everyday experiences to enhanced mediation has had enormous consequences. It has transformed international relations and business opportunities, but also citizenship and democracy, cognition and culture, as well as people’s personal and working lives. Media and Communications has thus become a vital and rewarding field of study that will help you understand contemporary global society and to function successfully within it.

You are trained to grasp and respond to complex problems in media, business, culture and society, and to start a career any of a number of fields in the public or private sector such as management, marketing, public relations, journalism or consultancy, but you could also pursue a career in research. 

Why study a Master in Media Studies in Rotterdam?

  • You gain up-to-date knowledge about production, distribution, and the reception of media on- and offline;
  • Participate in an interactive programme where the combination between theory and practice will train you to develop a vision on the social, economic and cultural aspects of media;
  • Intensive training in analysing the complex developments in the media sector and translating the fast changing media world from research to practice. 

Besides, did you already know that Rotterdam was ranked one of the world’s ten ‘best places to go to’ by the New York Times and the Lonely Planet Rough Guide? Rotterdam is a real multicultural city, with many things to do, where no one is a stranger and where you will soon feel at home. 

Education objectives

Once you have graduated, you will be able to critically analyse current developments and processes in the media. You will also develop a critical mindset and know how to translate complex issues in scientific research into opportunities and new business models for the media sector and elsewhere.

Specialisations: four distinct programmes in Media Studies

Please see below for information about the various pecialisations within this Master. All four programmes are offered full-time or part-time.

Master specialisation



Media & Creative Industries Full-time Part-time
Media, Culture & Society Full-time Part-time
Media & Business Full-time Part-time
Media & Journalism (only offered in Dutch) Full-time Part-time