News about Media Studies

Abby Waysdorf on film tourism: 'Any snippet of information about sets and actors is valuable to fans'

Dinsdag, 14 november 2017

Why do movie fans fly all over the world just to visit locations and sets of Game of Thrones? Abby Waysdorf got promoted on the 9th of November on this subject under the supervision of Professor Stijn Reijnders. In an article on the website of NWO Waysdorf tells about her findings.

Ruud Jacobs on Dutch public radio about persuasive gaming

Vrijdag, 10 november 2017

On the eve of his PhD defence (‘Gaming to Win Over’), ERMeCC researcher Ruud Jacobs explained the ins and outs of his research about validating persuasive games on Dutch public radio (in Dutch).

Sanne Opree wins Erasmus University's Research Prize

Woensdag, 6 september 2017

And the award goes to... Dr. Sanne Opree! Erasmus University's Research Prize was handed to our Assistant Professor (Media & Communication) during the Academic Opening of the Year on Monday, September 4th. The Research Prize is for a promosing postdoctoral researcher who has put in an outstanding performance in the field of research. 

Payal Arora receives Education Prize

Dinsdag, 5 september 2017

On 4 September, the new academic year was officially opened with the Heartbeat Festival and a ceremony in the auditorium of the Erasmus Building. This year, the Education Prize was awarded to one of the ESHCC's lecturers: Dr Payal Arora (Media & Communication, ERMeCC).

Pauwke Berkers and Erik Hitters receive grant for project on pop music research

Maandag, 4 september 2017

Pauwke Berkers' and Erik Hitters' research project on pop music research has received a KIEM grant from NWO. The KIEM programme aims to encourage and facilitate public-private partnerships in the domain of the Creative industries. Berkers will be working on the project as project leader, the other team members are ESHCC Associate Professor Erik Hitters and Joke Hermes and Koos Zwaan from Hogeschool Inholland. Partners in the project are De Popcoalitie and POPnl.

Van Sterkenburg speaks with Radio 1 about media attention for Dutch women's soccer team

Vrijdag, 21 juli 2017

Sold out stadiums, 2.1 million viewers and the royal couple in the audience: the attention for the Dutch female soccer team is increasing. Radio 1 spoke with media scholar Dr Jacco van Sterkenburg about the media coverage on the 'Orange Lionesses'.

Histories of cities live on through the web

Dinsdag, 27 juni 2017

Facebook groups, websites with memories and area blogs: citizens are becoming heritage keepers increasingly. Researcher Arno van der Hoeven is actually going to study this immense variety of online initiatives focusing on city heritage. For this, he received a KIEM-grant from the “Dutch Organization for Scientific Research” (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, or NOW).

What makes them tick? Siri Driessen

Zondag, 25 juni 2017

In the series ‘What makes them tick’, Erasmus researchers explain why they love their research and where their passion comes from. In this episode, PhD candidate Siri Driessen talks about her research on different groups of visitors to war sites. ‘I believe that you cannot tell everything with words only. You need images, sounds, smells.’

ESHCC is now on Instagram

Vrijdag, 2 juni 2017

Yay, the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) has set up it's very own Instagram account. You can expect pictures of our campus, the studentlife in Rotterdam and a lot of Instagram takeovers from ESHCC-people.

Arno van der Hoeven receives grant for project on online urban heritage

Maandag, 15 mei 2017

Arno van der Hoeven’s project on online urban heritage has received a KIEM grant from NWO. The KIEM programme aims to encourage and facilitate public-private partnerships in the domain of the Creative industries. Partners in Van der Hoeven’s project are Het Nieuwe Instituut and The DEN Foundation (Digital Heritage Netherlands).