Pedagogy and Education: Children, families and Schools

Master of Science (MSc) in Pedagogy and Education

Interested in youth, families and schools with multiple and complex urban problems? Become a policymaker, consultant or researcher by enrolling in the Master programme in Pedagogy and Education.

Are you interested in finding out which methods work for which children in urban schools and in classrooms with diverse student populations? Do you wonder about the impact of parenting, day-care, or social media on child development?

The specialisation of Educational Sciences includes modules that concern current scientific theories on the effectiveness of both teaching methods and schools, while the specialisation of Child & Family Studies focuses on Parenting in Contemporary Society. It includes the impact of societal changes on family functioning, like social media and the role of fathers.

Wesley Drew

“The programme has well exceeded my expectations as an international student from the United States. The curriculum is intense, comprehensive and provides a great scope for the contemporary global trends present within our field. The top-notch faculty in combination with Problem-Based Learning (PBL), small class sizes, and highly motivated peer base provides an exceptional and unique experience that is unmatched to none." 

Why study a Master in Pedagogy and Education in Rotterdam?

  • Best Master programme in Pedagogy and Education in the Netherlands according to the Keuzegids 2016 (Dutch study choice guide).
  • The structure of the programme and the Problem Based Learning system allows students to put theory into practice while studying.
  • Intensive interaction between lecturers and students, small classes, and accessible teachers.

Choose your specialisation

The Master programme in Pedagogy and Education offers one specialisation. Please see below for information about this specialisation within this Master programme. Whether a specialisation is offered full-time or part-time is indicated accordingly.

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Educational Sciences
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