Career opportunities

Master in Pedagogy and Education

Is it your ambition to work in the field of education? Educational organisations yearn for professionals who are able to act upon complex problems. You might be the right candidate for them!

After graduation you are able to:

  • Implement intervention programmes for children, families, and school, and test the effectiveness of these programmes;
  • Contribute to educational innovation and policy, focusing on diversity and urban problems;
  • Use your knowledge and skills in development, parenting, and education to collaborate with professionals in the field.

Educational Sciences

Graduates in Educational sciences will be suitable candidates for positions as

  • Educational researcher in public or private institutions;
  • Educational policy maker in governmental, municipal, or institutional organizations or platforms;
  • Curriculum advisor/developer in schools, educational counselling services, or in-company training departments of businesses;
  • Educational coordinator in schools, educational institutes, or in-company training departments of businesses;
  • Programme manager in international and national educational platforms.

Please note that the career perspectives can vary based upon the country you want to work in. This Master programme does not lead to a teaching qualification. The term Education in the name of the programme refers to the study of school and classroom management, and educational innovations.