Teaching method

Master in Pedagogy and Education

The curriculum of the Master’s in Pedagogy and Education in Rotterdam is characterized by a unique learning method, which has proven to be very successful over the years. This educational system is referred to as Problem-Based Learning (PBL). In PBL students have an active role and they themselves are to a large degree responsible for their own learning process.

Students in the PBL system work in small groups, meeting once a week to analyse academic and societal problems. Since the emphasis is on self-study and elaboration, lectures have functions different from what is common elsewhere: they do not focus on knowledge transfer but rather on critical discussion of theories studied in advance by the students and a thorough understanding of the subjects.

PBL significantly contributes to students’ ability to collect and interpret relevant information. These are all skills that graduates of the Master Pedagogy and Education and their future colleagues and employers will benefit from directly.

Problem-based discussion groups (once a week) will be supported by lectures (once a week) and skills training (once a week). Each module ends with a knowledge test and a skills test.