Career opportunities

Master in Psychology

A number of possibilities await you as a psychologist.  Depending on your specialty you can become a human-resources manager, a trainer, a career counsellor, a youth worker, an educational advisor, or a developmental psychologist.  You can become a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, or get started with a counselling office.

The Brain and Cognition specialisation prepares you for a successful career in academia or industry. The specialisation in Positive Organisational Psychology will prepare you for a function in business, consultancy, training or research. The Psychology of Human Learning and Performance specialisation will prepare you to become a successful designer of learning environments, teacher trainer, researcher or educational policy advisor (see more below). The specialisation in Clinical Psychology prepares you for a career as a policy researcher or advisor at institutions researching addictions, like the Trimbos institute,NIVEL, or governmental organisations; alternatively, you could work as policy advisor for health insurance companies.

Furthermore, graduates could work as specialists in mental health care supporting general practitioners in intakes and referring people to different specialists. In addition, successful completion of the Master programme will prepare you for a successful career in academia (PhD) or research jobs in the domain of your specialisation.

Please note that this Master programme does not lead to the qualification of clinical therapist in the Netherlands.  

Human Learning and performance

With the Human Learning and Performance Master’s degree you will be employable in a wide range of professions both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Our graduates work as manager, consultant, teacher/trainer, advisor, or researcher in environments where development and innovation of instructional and training methods to improve learning and performance is the main focus. With your knowledge and skills on how to design optimal (digital) learning environments or training situations tailored to the individual needs of students or employees, you can work in educational institutions, training centers, consultancy agencies, as well as for companies that develop instructional materials and software (e.g., Philips, National Aerospace Laboratory). You are also very qualified to work as a teacher trainer, policy advisor at governmental agencies, or as a researcher at a university or (applied) research institution. Moreover, companies that are interested in usability and evidence-based design of their products will be more than interested in the skills and knowledge that you have acquired in our Master. 

Former student of Human Learning and Performance: After meticulous search at several renowned European Universities, I decided to attend the Master programme in Human Learning and Performance, offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The knowledge I acquired during my master, in combination with the proper guidance from the reputable and supportive academic staff, led to my current position, working as a PhD candidate at the Early Start Research Institute, University of Wollongong, Australia. My current project is looking at the “effects of movements on preschool children’s learning and cognition”. I am still fascinated by this project, which is mentally challenging and rewarding at the same time, considering my overall experience as invaluable and priceless.

Former student of Human Learning and Performance: I am currently employed as a trainee at TinQwise. This is a company that designs online learning solutions. Their products vary from short online trainings to larger projects to support learning processes in different types of contexts. As a trainee, I try to collaborate in different types of projects to practice with instructional design, being the learning specialist but also the project leader. In these tasks both creative and technical processes are involved. In short, it is a very diverse and challenging job!  

Former student of Human Learning and Performance: I am currently working as a study advisor at the computer science department of TU Delft. I talk to students about problems they encounter. I also give advice the exam committee, educational director and several expert groups within our department (for example about studying with special needs). It is a really great job and my background in Psychology is very useful!

The Dutch Association of Psychologists 

The Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP) is the largest professional association for psychologists in the Netherlands. Visit the site