Clinical Psychology

Master in Psychology

Prof. Dr. Ingmar Franken,
Coordinator of the programme

"An important question in my work is how insights from research can be applied in daily clinical practice, and how this knowledge can help us – both society and patients– to understand, prevent and treat problems."

What is this specialisation about?

This specialisation focuses on psychopathology within adults, with the scientific approach as a central element. We focus on studying the more complex varieties of psychopathology within an urban context, such as Rotterdam. It is in this context where we often face complex psychopathological problems, like crime-related issues, personality disorders and addiction.

Within each (theoretical) course of this Master programme, we will discuss the methods of research that are used within the clinical scientific field to study abnormal behaviour, its etiology and treatments. This theoretical and methodological knowledge will be discussed in a unique active learning environment in small groups of 12 students (Problem-Based Learning method). In addition, during the practical research skills training you will learn to tackle questions regarding brain functioning and cognitive emotional processes. In these practical groups, there will be lab assignments and research projects, and you will work together with students from the Master track “Brain & Cognition”.

NB: The difference between the English track of the Master programme and the Dutch track Klinische Psychologie is that the English-taught track emphasizes the theoretical perspective and research skills, while the Dutch one is focused on preparing its students for the profession of clinical therapist and the required practical skills. As a result, this English Master programme is not suited for those who intend to eventually work in clinical psychology practice, e.g., as counselor or psychotherapist. The English track of the programme provides a training in research skills rather than clinical skills. 


The Psychology curriculum consists of a series of modules or courses. Every course covers one specific psychological theme. All of the activities that you will undertake during this period, i.e. lectures, tutorials, practical meetings and assignments, are related to this theme. The Master’s programme consists of three modules in which you will both study the topics of the specialisation of Clinical Psychology (courses) and Brain and Cognition (practicals) and one course in statistics.

In the second part of the academic year you will independently carry out scientific research in the field of clinical psychology as a mandatory part of the programme. Please click on one of the courses in the programme overview below to see the course descriptions.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4



Personality Disorders


Forensic Psychology




Applied Multivariate Data Analysis


Practical Neuroimaging


Practical Electrophysiology


Practical Programming Experiments


Practical Applied Multivariate Data Analysis


Block 5

Block 6

Block 7

Block 8

Research Proposal and Thesis (block 5 – block 8)


Total study load: 60 ECTS

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