Human Learning and Performance

Master Psychology

Prof. Dr. Fred Paas,
Coordinator of the programme

"Humans have an immense capacity for learning and modifying their behavior in response to what they learn. However, most types of learning and performance do not come naturally, but need high-quality instruction. Within the Psychology of Human Learning and Performance group we investigate under which conditions people optimally learn and perform, and how this knowledge can be used in the design of education and training."

What is this specialisation about?

If you wonder how people can optimally learn and perform, then this Master is the right choice for you. The Master programme offers an integral approach to current issues in the area of learning performance. You will discover how people optimally learn and perform, and which mechanisms are involved. These insights are applied to make learning environments as effective as possible for each individual learner, and to improve our current approaches of training and teaching.  

In the Master Psychology of Human Learning and Performance you will use problem-based learning techniques in small groups to learn about the role of innovations, assessment, and diversity in education and training. You will also have ample opportunity to develop your professional skills as an educational psychologist.

Among others, central issues relate to how the learning process can be supported and how the opportunities offered by the computer and the Internet can be exploited in education and training. What should someone do and not do to become an expert in a certain area? How can testing/assessment be used as a tool for learning? What role do individual differences play in the learning process, and how can. Scientific insights be applied to get the best out of each individual.

This Master programme is focussed on the application of multi-disciplinary scientific insights, among others from the fields of educational, cognitive, neuro, and social psychology to the design of effective learning environments


The Psychology curriculum consists of a series of modules or courses. Every course covers one specific psychological theme. All of the activities that you will undertake during this course, i.e. lectures, tutorials, practical meetings and assignments, are related to this theme. The Master’s programme consists of three courses in which you will study the topics of the specialisation of Psychology of Human Learning and Performance and one course in statistics.

In the second semester, from February onwards, you will conduct an empirical study and write your Master‘s thesis. In addition, in some cases it is possible to do an internship during the semester of the Master’s programme.

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Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Innovation in Education and Training


Assessment in Education and Training 


Teaching & Learning in Diverse Classrooms and Training Settings


Applied Multivariate Data Analysis


Practical Investigating Educational Innovations


Practical Assessment in Education and Training


Practical Evidence- based coaching


Practical Applied Multivariate Data Analysis using SPSS


Block 5

Block 6

Block 7

Block 8

Practical Internship (optioneel), Research Proposal & Thesis (blok 5 t/m blok 8)


Total study load: 60 ECTS

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