Career opportunities

Master in Public Administration

The Master programme in Public Administration provides insights, tools and competences that can be applied to governance problems found anywhere in the modern world.

Governance of Migration and Diversity

After completing this specialisation you will be able to identify and analyse social issues related to migration and diversity and are able to provide advice on these problems.

During this Master programme you will:

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary understanding of migration and diversity, including history, development studies, sociology, public administration and urbanism;
  • Acquire a methodological understanding of how to study migration and diversity;
  • Develop an understanding of the governance implications of migration and diversity at the local (urban), regional, national as well as European and international levels;
  • Obtain professional skills in terms of designing strategies for the management of migration and diversity at the policy level.  

Graduates of Governance of Migration and Diversity with a specialisation in Public Administration will be suitable candidates for positions in business organisations (e.g. HR, consultancy), governmental organisations (policy makers, policy advisors, lobbyists) and organisations in civil society (e.g. unions, political parties, research institutes) on the local, national or international level. 

Management of Governance Networks

After completing this specialisation you will be able to identify and analyse complex societal problems. You will be able to function as broker between values and actors that characterize complex societal problems. You are educated to organise and manage the necessary processes to tackle these problems and develop solutions.

After graduation you might consider the following career paths:

  • As a member of a project team that manages the development of large public projects (e.g. a wind mill park, a railway connection or a water engineering project);
  • As a policy advisor or consultant that reflects on the policy of a government dealing with a complex problem like care for vulnerable people, protecting ecological systems and innovative regions;
  • As a government official working on plans for large complex systems like the extension of a city’s port area by sharing knowledge between governmental agencies and private firms;
  • For a non-profit organization, like a housing corporation, a large health care organization, involved in complex projects solving housing or health problems.