Career opportunities

Master in Sociology

Once graduated, you will be able to work in various high-end jobs because you will be able to:

  • Analyse complex social problems using insights from both scientific theory and research;
  • Apply these insights to reflect on future developments;
  • Collect and process data in a scientific manner;
  • Substantiate and clearly communicate your findings.

Governance of Migration and Diversity

After completing this specialisation you will be able to identify and analyse social issues related to migration and diversity and are able to provide advice on these problems. 

During this Master programme you will:

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary understanding of migration and diversity, including history, development studies, sociology, public administration and urbanism;
  • Acquire a methodological understanding of how to study migration and diversity;
  • Develop an understanding of the governance implications of migration and diversity at the local (urban), regional, national as well as European and international levels;
  • Obtain professional skills in terms of designing strategies for the management of migration and diversity at the policy level.  

Graduates of Governance of Migration and Diversity with a specialisation in Sociology will be suitable candidates for (research) positions in organisations in civic society (e.g., unions, political parties, research institutes), governmental organisations (policy-makers, policy advisors, lobbyists) and business organisations (e.g, HR, consultancy) on the local, national or international levels.

Management & Organisation

Today's economy is characterized by complex organisations that are strongly interconnected. Answering the questions that this raises for the governance of private firms and public organisations as well as the role of the government requires people who possess the analytical skills and the ability to translate theory into practice.

After graduation you can work as:

  • Consultant to support private firms and public organisations on strategic issues and human resource policies;
  • Advisor or policy maker for the government, in particular with regard to social policies;
  • Leader of a network organisation, such as a temporary public-private alliance geared towards a specific project;
  • Policy researcher in a diversity of fields, such a labour markets, social policies, and organisational policies;
  • Scientific researcher pursuing an academic career in the area of organisational studies, social policy studies, and so on.

Politics & Society

Today’s political landscape urgently needs people with in-depth insight in the interplay between politics and society. New pressing issues such as rampant political cynicism and discontent, the rise of populism, and ‘floating’ electorates, all call for experts who are able to analyse the link between societal and political developments.

After graduation, your sharp analytical, sociological eye and your thorough knowledge of social scientific research, provides a solid basis for favourable career opportunities in various fields. You could for instance work as:

  • Policy officer at supranational, national, regional or local governments;
  • Policy officer at political or public think tanks and social scientific advisory councils;
  • Policy officer at NGOs addressing social problems;
  • Researcher at governmental institutions, consultancy firms, research centres, and (applied/ research) universities;
  • Consultant for (semi-)governmental institutions;
  • Journalist, media advisor, or editor at outlets focusing on politics and society.

Urban Studies

This Master specialisation provides insights, tools and competences that can be applied to complex urban problems found all over the world.

After graduation you can work as:

  • Researcher or advisor for national, regional or local governments dealing with urban renewal, spatial segregation, housing problems, crime, migration and integration;
  • Employee in urban organisations as housing associations, real estate developers and architectural firms to provide the social input for urban planning and design;
  • Coordinator of neighbourhood and district projects focusing on activating and mobilizing deprived groups in order to strengthen social cohesion, participation and local attachment;
  • Representative of a municipality engaged in city marketing and city branding in order to attract investments, tourists and events to a city in order to strengthen its local economy;
  • Teacher in the field of urban issues and policies in institutions of higher learning.

Pursuing an academic career?

If you want to proceed with advanced, research-oriented education in the field of sociology you can apply for our Research Master’s in the Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts. This programme is specifically designed to prepare you to carry out research leading to a doctorate degree.

If you have demonstrated academic excellence and motivation during your Master’s specialisation in Politics & Society and your English meets the standard, you will be allowed to complete an abridged research Master’s programme of approximately one year.