About the programme

The Research Master Philosophy and Economics aims to prepare students for an academic career in the area of philosophy and economics. It provides a thorough grounding in the main areas of philosophy of economics. You will be able to understand and critique complex texts, conduct independent interdisciplinary research projects and present your work in a clear manner.

The programme comprises two years of study (120 EC) in analytic philosophy. The curriculum comprises ten courses : seven so-called core courses in philosophy of economics and three courses in the fields of philosophy of science, ethics, and history of philosophy or philosophical anthropology. You will finish the programme by writing a thesis and a PhD research proposal.

Mode of education

You follow seminars where teachers engage in a direct exchange of ideas with students and give immediate feedback on their class participation and written assignments. You actively participate in the bi-weekly PhD-seminars. All students are appointed an academic advisor to discuss their plans and performance in the programme on a regular basis.