Career opportunities

Research Master Public Administration and Organisational Science

This Master’s programme prepares you for a range of careers in which theoretically informed analysis and critical assessment of research findings are essential requirements. You may continue with a PhD programme starting an academic career. But you are also well-positioned for roles at research institutes, think tanks, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Also, a significant number of our graduates go on to careers in consulting firms.

Towards an academic career

This programme provides students with a thorough preparation for an academic career by facilitating research within the context of university research programmes and facilitating internships and research for external parties.

Towards a professional career

After finishing this programme, you can be a:

  • Academic researcher;
  • Consultant;
  • Applied researcher.

Judith Ophoff

Alumni Research master Public Administration & Organisational Science

"A critical attitude towards the content and methods is crucial in my work."