Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Available minors

Arts and Culture Studies
Have a look behind the scenes in the world of art and culture. How is art produced? Who are stakeholders? Which changes take places (in society and art) and how doe these affect the art (world)? Language: English. ECTS: 15.
Creative Economy
Interested in the world of culture, art, media? This minor is about that world, about art and money, about creativity and organisation, about the role of the cultural sector in the economy. Language: English. ECTS: 15
Fashion Industry
Business, history, cultural economics and media. Language: English. ECTS: 15
Media, Culture and Society
Ever thought about the profound influence that media have on our lives? Satisfy your curiosity about what the media do to us and what we do with the media. Language: English. ECTS: 15.