Former PM Netanyahu visits Rotterdam on March 31st

Rotterdam, 25 March 2004 – On March 31st 2004 former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will give a lecture in the EFR-World Leader Cycle at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His visit was postponed earlier, due to the funeral service of H.R.H. Princess Juliana on March 30th.

The lecture of Minister of Finance Netanyahu takes place in the aula of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the presence of approximately 900 students and other guests. The topic of the lecture will be the Israeli economic development and the economic relationship between Israel and Europe. Prior to the lecture, Minister Netanyahu will give a press conference.

The Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam, which organises the event, has organised leading events such as the national EFR/Twee Vandaag Political Leaders Debates (“Lijsttrekkersdebatten”) and lectures of world leaders, such as Shimon Peres, Gerry Adams and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Notes to the editors
EFR-World Leader Cylce by Minister of Finance Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on March 31st 2004, programme lasts from 15.00 up until 16.00 hrs; press conference commences at 14.15 hrs. Due to security procedures, you need to register at 13.15;
Lecture takes place in the aula of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, 50 Burgemeester Oudlaan, Rotterdam;
Enrolment for lecture and press conference before March 30th, 17.00 hrs. with Peter Strik, contactable by voice (+31) 010-408 11 48, facsimile (+31) 010-408 90 21 and e-mail;
Enrolment for lecture and press conference is obligatory for journalists as well as photographers;
Photography is only allowed when the photographer is in the possession of a by the Erasmus University Rotterdam granted Photo Declaration. This can be applied for by Peter Strik (see above);
Photography and other (audio-) visual recordings during the lecture are bound to restrictions, which can be informed about with Peter Strik (see above)

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