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Erasmus University Rotterdam offers international programmes that are well known for their quality. Education is aimed at preparing students for international careers in science and the labour market.

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Brochures international post-experience programmes

Brochures international post-experience programmes Erasmus University Rotterdam offers several international study programmes brochures. There is one prospectus listing all of the international programmes on offer. Every study programme is described in more detail in the programme brochure.


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Education fairs: Meet or visit Erasmus University

Education fairs: Meet or visit Erasmus University

Erasmus University Rotterdam organises a number of information meetings, both abroad and on campus. Information is provided on bachelor, master, post experience and PhD programmes.


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Erasmus University Videos

Erasmus University Videos

Erasmus University offers a great number of international study programmes. Programmes that are aimed at providing you with the best possible start to your career. Discover Erasmus University by watching our videos online!


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