Jeroen van Haaren

Researcher Urban Area Development & Real Estate

Urban, Port and Transport Economics (RHV)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Woudestein, H-Building, Room H16-17
Telephone: +31(0)10 408 2429


Jeroen van Haaren is an urban economist specialized in real estate economics. His research interests focus on real estate (re)development and house prices. Jeroen studied at the Erasmus School of Economics and has a Masters degree in Economics and Business. 

In 2013 Jeroen started a PhD research project on housing economics and the value of public space. His research focus is on the integration of spatial data and hedonic house price models. 

In addition, Jeroen teaches courses in real estate economics and applied quantitative methods at masters level, both in pre- as well as post-experience programs. Jeroen is course manager of the post-experience program "Master City Developer" (MCD). MCD is a market leading joint MSc program of Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft and the Rotterdam Development Corporation. 

Main research interests

Jeroen van Haaren is interested in the following research themes:

  • Urban Area Development;
  • Residential Real Estate Prices;
  • Neighborhood effects, identity and perception;
  • Spatial (regression) analysis.

Recent research projects

Jeroen van Haaren has participated in the following projects (selection):

(2012 - ... ) Real Estate Development: New Investors Wanted, Funded by the City of Rotterdam 

(2011 - ... ) Dutch Initiative for Sustainable Cities, Funded by Ministery of Economic Affairs
Case studies in Cluj, Bucharest (Romania) and Budapest (Hungary)

(2011 - 2011) Sturen op Waarde: Onderzoek naar de wijze waarop de gemeente kan sturen op waarde in Rotterdamse gebieden. Case study in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

(2009 - 2011) Developing Locations in the Knowledge Economy
Case studies in Budapest (Hungary), Dublin (Ireland), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Helsinki (Finland), San Sebastian (Spain), Munich (Germany) and Inchon (South-Korea)

(2008 - 2007) Transport, Environment and Economy at urban level: the need for decoupling
Case studies in London (United Kingdom), Gothenburg (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Curitiba (Brazil).


Jeroen teaches courses and supervises students at (under)graduate (Bachelor and Master) and postexperience level. He participates in the following courses at Erasmus University Rotterdam:

  • Seminar Regional and Transport Economics – Bachelor in Economics & Business
  • Urban Economics and Real Estate
  • Quantitative Methods for Applied Economics
  • Bachelor and Master thesis supervision in Economics and Business
  • Master City Developer

In addition he regularly lectures in other courses, both for academic and professional audiences.

Recent Publications

Journal articles:

  • Carvalho LM, Mingardo G and van Haaren J (2012) Green urban transport policies and cleantech innovations. Evidence from Curitiba, Göteborg and Hamburg, European Planning Studies, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 375-396.
  • Van Tuijl, E, Carvalho, LM and van Haaren, J (forthcoming) Developing creative quarters in cities: Policy lessons from “Art and Design City” Arabianranta, Helsinki, forthcoming in: Urban Research and Practice.

Congress papers:

  • Mingardo G. and van Haaren J (2007) Understanding the relation among transport, environment and economy: a survey of European cities, in Transport, Mobility and Regional Development, in Conference Proceedings of the Regional Studies Association Winter Conference November 2007, Seaford, UK.


  • Tuijl, van E., van Haaren, J., Dragomir, B. & van den Berg, L. (2012) Design as catalyst for urban development in Bucharest: The role of design in urban development in Bucharest, DISC, Rotterdam. 
  • Tuijl, van E., van Haaren, J. & van den Berg, L. (2011) From getto to mixed use knowledge quarter: The Corvin Promenade as catalyst for change in Budapest's VIIIth district, DISC, Rotterdam.
  • Braun, E., Daamen, T.A., Franzen, A., van Haaren, J. & van der Vegt, J., (2011) Sturen op waarde: onderzoek naar de wijze waarop de gemeente kan sturen op waarde in Rotterdamse gebieden.
  • Van Winden, W., Carvalho, L., van Tuijl, E., van Haaren, J. & van den Berg, L., (2011) Creating knowledge locations in cities: innovation and integration challenges, EURICUR report 2011-1, Rotterdam
  • Mingardo, G., van den Berg, L. & van Haaren, J. (2008) Transport, Environment and Economy at urban level: the need for decoupling – A comparative study of four European cities: Rotterdam, London, Goteborg and Hamburg, EURICUR report 2008-4, Rotterdam.
  • Hoek, M. van, Mingardo, G. & van Haaren, J. (2007) Studenthuisvesting in Nederland, RHV b.v.

Articles in professional journals:

  • Haaren, J. van, van Tuijl, E. & Carvalho, L.M. (2012) Creatieve Districten: Panacee of placebo? Lessen uit Arabianranta in Helsinki, Finland, Real Estate Magazine, July 2012.
  • Daamen, T.A., Wigmans, G. & van Haaren, J. (2011) De kwaliteiten van de stad, Real Estate Magazine, February 2011.
  • Van Haaren, J. & Daamen, T.A. (2011) Het succes van Hamburg, Real Estate Magazine, November 2011

Special editions:

  • Van Haaren, J. & Klijs, J. (eds) (2012) MCD special Real Estate Magazine, April/May 2012
  • Van Haaren, J. & Klijs, J. (eds) (2011) MCD special Real Estate Magazine, April/May 2011