Extra income

As part of the Employment Conditions Selection Model (ECSM), you can exchange leave days for additional income.


Time - a maximum of 10 leave days


  • You can use a maximum of 10 leave days of 8 hours per calendar year.
  • In accordance with the CLA for Dutch Universities, the value of one hour is set at 0.704% of your (full-time) gross monthly salary. The calculation of the value of your leave is based on your salary in January.
  • Your manager has to agree to write off your leave days.


You can apply for additional income by submitting a completed and signed Additional Income ECSM application form to the HR department of your organisational unit.

Please note

  • At least 20 (basic) days’ holiday must remain per year in the case of full-time employment.
  • You pay taxes and social security contributions on the gross value of your leave. This means that you receive the net value of your sold leave.
  • You have pension accrual over the sold days.
  • The payment is made within two months, at the same time as your salary payment.

More information

Please contact your HR department for more information and/or if you have any questions.