ESE-bility day 2017


On 8 June, the annual ESE-bility day took place. This year, TOP was involved in organising this event based on the theme of knowledge development and team building. During the ESE-bility day, workshops are organised for staff at Erasmus School of Economics. This year, around 150 people visited the event.



After a communal lunch and a word of welcome by dean Philip Hans Franses, the programme started with Omdenken, an interactive workshop where thinking in terms of opportunities rather than problems was key. After starting together, the participants then went off to their different workshops.






This year, one of the focal points was the theme of diversity. In the workshop given by Nannette Ripmeester & Sevasti Christoforou from Labour mobility, participants learned how to deal with cultural diversity on the work floor. 

There was also a Diversity and Inclusion workshop by Joost Schothorst from InContext, which focused on the way implicit prejudices influence our actions.  

Innovation in education

There were also various workshops relating to innovation in education. During the workshop by Kris Stabel from Risbo, participants learned how to use screencasts in education and former rector magnificus Henk Schmidt gave a workshop about interactive reading methods. 

We very much enjoyed being able to contribute to the programme and look back at a successful day. Would you like to organise an event related to training and development? TOP will be happy to brainstorm with you!