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Backbone Magazine 2016

Backbone Magazine 2016


Backbone Magazine 2014

Excerpt Winnen door Kiezen 2004 (Download)

A Course Made Good 2009-2014 (Download)

Strategic Plan 2012- 2020 (Download)

Covenant CvB-ESE 2008-2013 (Download)


Covenant CvB-ESE 2013-2018 (Download)


Rapport Tussentijdse Evaluatie Jaarplansysteem 2009 (Download)

Executive Summary Report 2009 (Download)


Evaluation of the ESE Education System 2014 (Download)


Management Summary ESE -
Budget 2015 (Download)


The documents 'Excerpt Winnen door Kiezen' , 'Convenant CvB - ESE 2008 - 2013' and 'Rapport Tussentijdse Evaluatie Jaarplansysteem' are only available in Dutch. The pdf file 'Excerpt Winnen door Kiezen' contains the summary of the document made for the School's course from 2004-2008. The pdf file 'Executive Summary Report 2009' describes the bimester system and gives the key points of 'Rapport Tussentijdse Evaluatie Jaarplansysteem'.

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