Mentor Platform - ESE Gateway

What is ESE Gateway?

Our mentoring platform facilitates networking between students and alumni. It connects great talents of ESE, and shares knowledge and experiences across generations.

How does it work?

A student mentee chooses his/her own alumni mentor(s), based on their professional and personal interests, and vice-versa, an alumnus chooses his/her mentee(s) who best fits their expertise and experience. To connect mutual approval is required. Users are free to decide when and where they want to meet. The mentor-mentee connection will last for 3 months by default, and can be extended voluntarily.

Who can be an ESE Gateway mentor or mentee?

You can become a mentor if you:

  • graduated from ESE,
  • not currently a student at ESE
  • started working

You can become a mentee if you:

  • are currently a student at ESE


How do I become a mentor/mentee?

  • Go to and sign-up
  • Enter your details
  • Verify your profile
  • Our program will automatically detect if you are an alumnus when you sign up to be a mentor
  • Connect with students/mentors
  • Start networking!

For inquiries please contact:

You can also download a PDF-file of the ESE Gateway flyer

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