Education philosophy

Erasmus School of Economics aims to be the number one choice for the most talented and ambitious students and to create a solid foundation under an inspiring career in economics or econometrics. To achieve this, we have formulated three ambitions for our educational programmes.

To offer a range of possibilities for the truly ambitious student

An inspiring career doesn’t come easy. All of our students will be challenged! We do this by offering plenty of development opportunities beyond the standard curriculum for the most ambitious, talented and motivated students. Examples are our double degree programmes and our honours classes.

To achieve the highest level of excellence in economics teaching

We are firm believers in the positive spill over effects of good research on good teaching. Faculty members who are involved in both research and teaching do all their teaching from the perspective of economics. The quality of our academic teaching is ensured by exposing students to active research in all phases of their studies.

To be truly globally oriented

It goes without saying that our ambitions can only be realised by being truly globally oriented. As Erasmus School of Economics, we aim to have an international (teaching) staff, to teach national and international students and to make their educational experience truly international. We offer a wide range of English-spoken bachelor and master programmes and we encourage our bachelor students to participate in international exchange programmes. The number of international students and international staff is still growing.