Research Advisory Committee (Vaste Commissie voor de Wetenschapsbeoefening - VCW)

The Research Advisory Committee advises the dean about the school’s academic policy. In this context the committee advises about the placement of PhD-candidates. Furthermore the committee advises about the school’s research programme, the preparations for a research assessment and the measures that are taken as a result of this assessment.

In addition, the committee has an advisory role in granting additional funding for research (for example EUR-fellowship and EUR-research award).

The Research Advisory Committee members

  • professor O.H. Swank (chair)
  • professor H.  Bleichrodt
  • professor ir. B.G.C. Dellaert
  • professor P.J.F. Groenen
  • professor  M.H. van Dijke (representative ERIM)
  • dr. B.S.Y. Crutzen (representative Tinbergen Institute)
  • H.M.A.F. van Gent LLM (secretary)