Captains of Industry

Are you interested in the experiences of the Captains of Industry that started their careers at the Erasmus School of Economics? Then click on the photos for their story.

Laura van Geest

Director of CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis


Harald Swinkels

Entrepreneur, CEO of Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij

Huub Wieleman

Member of the Executive Board/CFO of Reinier Haga Ziekenhuizen

Jeroen Drost

Director of NPM Capital

Koos Timmermans

Vice-Chairman of ING Bank


Kwik Kian Gie

Former Minister of Economic Affairs of Indonesia

Johannes Witteveen

Former Minister of Finance and fifth Managing Director of the IMF

Peer Swinkels

Executive Director of Bavaria

Peter Hartman

Vice-Chair of Air France-KLM


Kees Storm

CEO of Aegon 1993-2002, Chairman of the Board of AB InBev

Jeannette Baljeu

Deputy Mayor responsible for the Port, Traffic and Regional Economic Affairs, Municipality of Rotterdam 2010-2014

Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd

Chief Customer Officer at Jumbo Supermarkets

Jan Kees de Jager

Minister of Finance 2010-2012


Cees Coumou

Independent Management Consulting Professional

Anton van Rossum

Member of the Supervisory Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam 2005-2013

Piet Moerland

Chairman of the Executive Board of Rabobank Netherlands 2009-2013

Michiel Muller

Serial Entrepreneur


Jenno Ipema

Director of TEAMPLAY

Ruud Lubbers

Prime Minister of the Netherlands 1982-1994

Frans van Houten

CEO of Philips

Harry Brouwer

CEO Unilever Food Solutions - Global

Marten van den Berg

Director-General Foreign Economic Relations - Ministry of Foreign Affairs