Year one: focus on econometrics

The Double Degree BSc² Econometrics/Economics programme covers both global issues related to economics and business and the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to help answer economic questions. This is unique. You benefit both from the excellent perspective that this gives you, as well as the ability to build knowledge in both subjects and thereby compressing the timeline.

In your first year, you will focus primarily on Econometrics and Operations Research with various basic subjects in mathematics and statistics. This introduction includes computer programming, implementing mathematical models and solving optimization problems. The courses Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Philosophy of economics complete the year.

Years two, three and four: from a solid foundation to a double degree

The following three years all consist of both economic and econometric subjects. In the second year of the double bachelor programme, you will lay the groundwork with mainly basic subjects. Years three and four are about deepening your knowledge and further developing your skills. You will take on your economic major in year three and your econometric major in year four.

In the final year, you have the opportunity to choose a minor (a combination of electives) at or outside Erasmus School of Economics. You can also opt to study abroad, or take an internship. With the completion of a thesis you conclude the double degree programme.