Double Degree Economics/ Econometrics and Philosophy

Together, Erasmus School of Economics and the Faculty of Philosophy offer a Double Degree programme in Economics/Econometrics and Philosophy. Are you interested in issues relating to economics and business or econometrics, but do you also aim to develop a broader academic horizon? Then a double degree in Economics and Philosophy or Econometrics and Philosophy might suit your interests very well. Students in this programme obtain two degrees in four years: a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics or Econometrics and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy.

On the one hand the economics/econometrics part of the programme aims to prepare you on your way to becoming truly internationally minded with great abilities to analyse and solve problems in the field of economics and business.

On the other hand you will develop philosophical skills such as logical reasoning and the ability to express yourself clearly in writing. You will learn about philosophical problems and ethical issues, and you will gain knowledge about the history and basic assumptions of the academic discipline of Economics.

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For further information on the Double Degree programme, see the website and for advice on an individual basis, please contact drs. Ticia Herold via or 010 - 408 89 67.

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