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Starting a new study is very new and exciting, but choosing the right study programme is exciting too! There are so many options to choose from. You can read brochures, visit the websites of universities and talk to (school) friends, parents, or to teachers at your school. Besides this there are various options to visit the university and to familiarise yourself with the different programmes.

Our advice: start early and take your time to orientate!

Open Days

21 October 2017 and 17 March 2018

Twice a year, you can visit us during an Open Day. You will learn all there is to know about our bachelor programmes and how it is to study at the Erasmus School of Economics. There are general information sessions about each bachelor programme, in-depth lectures and there is time to speak with student Ambassadors and professors at the information market. Besides this you will get to know more about student life and about the city of Rotterdam.

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Student for a Day


Almost every month there is an opportunity to spend a day (or part of a day) at the university and see what it is like to be a student. You will be guided by a student Ambassador of the specific bachelor. In a group of around 15 participants, you will visit one or two real lectures, get a tour around campus, you will be informed about the study and you will get to know more about the experiences of a student. Because groups are small, there is enough time to ask all of your questions to the experienced Ambassador.

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Approximately once a month we host online webinars for prospective students with an interest in one of the programmes at Erasmus School of Economics. In each session we will go into one or two specific topics. Webinars always consist of a presentation by a staff member or a student, followed by a Q&A session.

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International Bachelor Challenge

1 December 2017

If you are interested in one or more of the international bachelor programmes of the Erasmus School of Economics, you can visit the International Bachelor Challenge. During this one day in-depth activity, you will get a lecture and will need to work yourself on a case. You will look at a problem from economics and/or econometrics perspective. In small groups, you will work towards a solution which will be presented at the end of the day. In between there is enough time to talk with students of the different bachelor programmes. After this 'challenge', you will know the differences between the programmes and have a good impression about the course material. The activity is provided in English.

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Campus Tour

Not able to visit Erasmus School of Economics during an Open Day, a ‘Student-for-a-Day” or one of the other events? We can then arrange personal campus tours and match you to a student that is currently studying the programme of your interest. These students can show you around the campus, inform you about the specific programme and answer your questions.

We try to arrange tours whenever it suits you. However, we cannot arrange tours over weekends, during holidays or during exam weeks. See our academic calendar.

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Erasmus University Rotterdam on location


Our student Ambassadors visit schools all through the Netherlands (and abroad) on a regular basis. They can give presentations about how it is to study in Rotterdam and can tell about their own experiences. Inform at the dean of your school, about how to take part in this activity.

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