Bachelor Honours Class

The Erasmus School of Economics offers her best performing and most committed students the opportunity to participate in the Bachelor Honours Class. The programme is designed to provide extra challenge in addition to the regular curriculum. The goal of the programme is to extend economic knowledge and to increase academic skills. Participating students follow intense and interactive guest lectures by experts in the fields of science, business and politics concerning various current economic issues. They also write and present academic papers.

The Honours Class starts in the first bachelor year and covers two full years. Access to the programme is restricted in order to guarantee exclusivity. Students are selected on their performance in the first two blocks of Bachelor one and on an application interview. Commitment and active participation are primary requirements to complete the program successfully.

The programme is known for its interesting lectures and discussion with field pioneers. Subjects vary from elections, privatization and development economics to the calculations of the cost of human life. The programme consists of lecture cycles, advanced tracks and seminars. Those invited to participate have the possibility to share their economic knowledge with students with the same mindset and deep interests. More information about the current Honours Class, can be found here.

Charissa Rentier

Being in the Bachelor Honours Class to me was the extra challenge I was looking for next to my Economics studies. During the programme you get to meet and share ideas with top leaders in the field, but also enhance your level of critical thinking by group discussions. Definitely an experience I wouldn’t want to have missed out on!

Nick van Pelt

In the Honours Class you will not only be exposed to an incredible learning environment, you will also become part of a large social network.