Study Guidance

Studying at a University can be a big difference with what you were used to before. To help students with this big change and to make a good start with the study programme, several methods are developed.

Study Guidance System

During the first year of studies, students participate in the Study Guidance course. This course aims to assist students during the first part of their studies and to provide academic support. In groups of around 15 participants, students are guided by a tutor, a second or third year student. This tutor provides them with practical information and useful study advice.

Individual support

Where needed, students can get advice about how to improve their study results. They can also visit a studyadvisor to talk about their study progress.

Besides that, students receive a letter of the Examination Committee after the first block. In this letter students are advised about the suitability for the study programme, based on the study progress. In January a second advice is provided. At the end of the first academic year, in August, students are issued a Binding Study Advice.

If students do not meet the conditions, and there are no mitigating circumstances, they will receive a negative binding study advice and need to stop their study programme. With all of these methods, the Erasmus School of Economics does its utmost best to prevent students from this.


The academic year starts in the beginning of September and is divided into five blocks of eight weeks each. Per block students focus on two or three courses.

The study load of each programme is specified in credits. An academic year consists of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. Each block consists of 12 ECTS. One credit is the equivalent to 28 hours of study and includes time spent in lectures, tutorials, reading, preparing for tests and writing exams and papers.

With the double programme BSc² Econometrics/Economics, students are required to receive more than 60 credits.

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

Students are expected to get through the first year at once. The BSA is based on this.