Upcoming events

4 April 2017: Social lunch

Date: tuesday 4 April, 2017
Time: 12:00-13:00
Location: Sienna (Tinbergen building)

Young ESE Programme (YEP)

The Young ESE Programme (YEP) organizes social and professional activities for all staff members of the Erasmus School of Economics aged 35 or under.

The goals of YEP are to:

  • better integrate new staff members,
  • improve internal communication,
  • create awareness of available support,
  • create networking opportunities,
  • build a voice for young staff members.

We organize two types of activities: skills workshops and social lunches. Both take place on Tuesdays. The skill presentations will take place during lunchtime, so you can have lunch learn or develop new skills. These workshops are purely demand-driven: we suggest dates and themes. When enough people are interested in a given topic and when they are available on a given date, it goes through. Feel free to suggest ideas   at!