Health Economics

The Health Economics group is part of the Department of Applied Economics at Erasmus University and the Labor, Health, Education and Development Group at Tinbergen Institute. More information about our members and teaching can be found by clicking HE team and HE teaching.

Upcoming seminars

Recent and forthcoming publications

  • Bago d'Uva, T., O'Donnell, O. and Van Doorslaer, E. (forthcoming). Who Can Predict Their Own Demise? Heterogeneity in the Accuracy and Value of Longevity Expectations. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing.
  • French, E.B. et al. (2017). End-Of-Life Medical Spending In Last Twelve Months Of Life Is Lower Than Previously Reported. Health Affairs 36, no.7 (2017):1211-1217.
  • Hsieh, C.S. and H. van Kippersluis (2017). Smoking Initiation: Peers and Personality, Quantitative Economics, forthcoming.
  • Koc, H. and H. van Kippersluis (2017). Thought for Food: Understanding Educational Disparities in Diet. Journal of Human Capital, forthcoming.
  • Palali, A. and J.C. van Ours, Love conquers all but nicotine; spousal peer effects on the decision to quit smoking, Health Economics, forthcoming.
  • Ravesteijn, B., H. van Kippersluis, and E. van Doorslaer (2017). The Wear and Tear on Health: What is the Role of Occupation? Health Economics, forthcoming.
  • Van Kippersluis, H. and C.A. Rietveld (2017). Pleiotropy-robust Mendelian Randomization. International Journal of Epidemiology forthcoming.