Health Economics

The Health Economics group is part of the Department of Applied Economics at Erasmus University and the Labor, Health, Education and Development Group at Tinbergen Institute. More information about our members and teaching can be found by clicking HE team and HE teaching.


Upcoming seminars

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Recent publications

  • Van Kippersluis, H. and C.A. Rietveld (2017) “Pleiotropy-robust Mendelian Randomization” International Journal of Epidemiology forthcoming.
  • Bijwaard, G.E. and H. van Kippersluis (2016) “Efficiency of Health Investment: Education or Intelligence?” Health Economics 25: 1056–1072
  • Arnold M, Rentería E, Van Ourti T, Soerjomataram I (2016). Global inequalities in cancer incidence and mortality in the 21st century. Cancer Causes and Control, 27(8): 999-1007.
  • Coveney M, García Gómez P, Van Doorslaer E, Van Ourti T (2016). Health disparities by income in Spain before and after the economic crisis. Health Economics, 25: 141-158.
  • Flores, G. & O'Donnell, O. (2016). Catastrophic medical expenditure risk. Journal of Health Economics, 46, 1-15.

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