HE Publications

New working papers

Garcia-Gomez, P. et al. (2017), "Interactions Between Financial Incentives and Health in the Early Retirement Decision", Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 17-044.

Rossouw, L. et al. (2017), "Poor Health Reporting? Using Vignettes to Recover the Health Gradient by Wealth", Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 17-031.

Ravesteijn, B. et al. (2017), "The Impact of Later Tracking on Mortality by Parental Income in Finland", Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 17-030.

De Zwart, P.L. et al. (2016), "Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64? The Health Impact of Caregiving", Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 16-106.


Recent and forthcoming publications

Palali, A. and J.C. van Ours, Love conquers all but nicotine; spousal peer effects on the decision to quit smoking, Health Economics, forthcoming.

Van Kippersluis, H. and C.A. Rietveld (2017) “Pleiotropy-robust Mendelian Randomization” International Journal of Epidemiology forthcoming.

Arnold M, Rentería E, Van Ourti T, Soerjomataram I (2016). Global inequalities in cancer incidence and mortality in the 21st century. Cancer Causes and Control, 27(8): 999-1007.

Bakx, P.L.H., Doorslaer, E.K.A. van & O'Donnell, O.A. (2016). Spending on Health Care in the Netherlands: Not Going so Dutch. Fiscal Studies (London), 37, 593-625.

Bijwaard, G.E. and H. van Kippersluis (2016) “Efficiency of Health Investment: Education or Intelligence?” Health Economics 25: 1056–1072.

Coveney M, García Gómez P, Van Doorslaer E, Van Ourti T (2016). Health disparities by income in Spain before and after the economic crisis. Health Economics, 25: 141-158.

Garcia Gomez, P., Puig-Junoy, J. & Casado-Marin, D. (2016). Free Medicines Thanks to Retirement: Impact of Coinsurance Exemption on Pharmaceutical Expenditures and Hospitalization Offsets in a National Health Service. Health Economics, 25, 750-767.

O'Donnell, O.A., Ourti, T.G.M. Van, O'Neil, S. & Walsh, B. (2016). conindex: Estimation of Concentration Indices. Stata Journal, 16 (1), 112-138.

Williams, J., J.C. van Ours and M. Grossman (2016) Attitudes to legalizing cannabis use, Health Economics, 25, 1201-1216.


Past publications

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