Erasmus Center for Optimization in Public Transport (ECOPT)

The mission of ECOPT is to study planning problems that arise in public transport and to develop solution methods for these problems and software to support the planning processes.


The fact that we work in an academic environment guarantees that we are familiar with state-of-the-art techniques, while our contacts with public transport companies ensure that we know about the actual problems that these companies face in practice.

Latest News

  • On Friday November 18, 2016, Dennis Huisman will publicly accept his appointment as endowed professor of Public Transport Optimization at Erasmus School of Economics. See the news item for more information or the invitation for his inaugural address.

  • September 16, 2016: It is with deep sadness that we have learned that our colleague Leo Kroon has passed away. We refer to the in memoriam, where one can also express condolences.

  • On September 8, 2016, Joris Wagenaar will defend his Ph.D.-thesis "Practice Oriented Algorithmic Disruption Management in Passenger Railways."

  • As of March 1, 2016, Dennis Huisman has been appointed as endowed professor of Public Transport Optimization at Erasmus School of Economics. Click here for a news item with more information.

  • On June 18, 2015, Evelien van der Hurk will defend her Ph.D.-thesis "Passengers, Information, and Disruptions". On this occasion, the seminar "The future of passenger information in public transportation" is organized on the same day. For more information on this seminar, click here.

  • In July 2015, ECOPT organizes the "Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport 2015" (CASPT 2015) in Rotterdam. Click here to find more information about CASPT 2015.

  • On May 16, 2014, ECOPT organizes a workshop "Analytics and Scheduling in Public Transport" at the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Click here for the announcement.

  • Twan Dollevoet defended his Ph.D.-thesis "Delay Management and Dispatching in Railways" on January 10, 2013. Articles about his research appeared in the Volkskrant, on Radio 1, and on BNR.

  • On January 11, 2013, ECOPT organizes the workshop "Innovative Approaches in real-time Railway Operations". Click here to see the announcement of this workshop.

  • Luuk Veelenturf was awarded the second prize in the student research paper contest on analytics and fact-based decision making in railway applications with the paper "A recoverable robust solution approach for real-time railway crew rescheduling". The paper is jointly written with Daniel Potthoff, Dennis Huisman, Leo Kroon, Gábor Maróti, and Albert Wagelmans. The contest was organised by the Railway Application Section of INFORMS. Luuk presented the paper at the annual INFORMS meeting in Phoenix (AZ) on October 14 and was presented the prize druing the business meeting later that day by Juan Morales.

    For more information on the contest and the abstract of the winning paper, click here

  • Several new papars have recently been submitted. Technical reports of these papers can be found in the publications section.

  • Joris Wagenaar is a new member of ECOPT!

  • We want to draw your attention to the website, that has been launched recently. On the website, you find information on the NWO project "Complexity in Public Transport", in which Evelien van der Hurk and Paul Bouman are involved.